PublicBell’s call center software is a state-of the-art IP based solution that is easy to deploy, use and maintain. This call center software can handle huge amount of inbound and outbound traffic, in a secure, reliable way. PublicBell’s call center software combines maximum efficiency with easy to use intuitive interfaces. Separate campaigns can be set up; each of them running separately assigned scripts with graphical user interface for both the operators and the supervisors. By defining quotas, our clients can restrict calls to well defined target groups (called clients). All the call center related statistics can be viewed in real-time

PublicBell's Call center platform

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Call Center Features

  • Basic Call Center functionality allows agents to receive calls
  • External Call Center support for advanced call center functionality
  • Queue Calls with custom Music On Hold or Pre-recorded message
  • Single Extension or Batch of Extensions creation
  • Forward to agent on answer without playing IVR OR forward to agent with IVR on key press

Business Scenarios

  • Automated Telemarketing
  • Enterprise-grade Message Broadcasting
  • Business to Business (B2B) Lead Generation
  • Emergency Notification System
  • Interactive Voice Broadcasting / Press 1 Campaign type
  • Smart Predictive Dialer
  • Customer Phone Surveys or Collections
  • Polling Auto Dialer
  • Mass Communications or Notifications
  • Political Voice Broadcast
  • Robocall
  • Phone Reminders
  • Community and Emergency Alerts

Agent Features

  • Agent authentication
  • Agent service based on multiple skills
  • Screen popup Call answer, call hold, call transfer
  • Notify hold time in queue
  • Mini dashboard
  • Talk to agent/supervisor
  • Notify caller priority
  • Notify caller language
  • Call recording
  • Answering machine detection
  • CRM integration with fully customizable GUI and scripts
  • Possibility of opening URL per incoming and outgoing calls e.g. ID or phone number
  • And a lot more.

Administrative features

  • Manage agent account
  • View reports
  • Manage trunk
  • Monitor running calls, queue and agent
  • Real time statistics
  • Create/Edit IVR menu
  • Manage supervisor account
  • Perform backup
  • Add scripts
  • Create Inbound and Outbound scripts including dynamic script update feature
  • Play test to speech and capture
  • And lots more

Supervisory features

  • Monitor skills, running calls and agents
  • Access CDR
  • Live call monitoring and listening
  • Talk to agent
  • View reports
  • Access on interactive dashboard
  • Whisper to agent
  • Multiple supervisors
  • Access into voice log
  • And lots more

With an integrated PB web phone, so there is no need for external download of softphones. You can make and receive calls using our PB web phone with lots of amazing functions

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