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How it Works

Becoming a Club Call member is easy.  Simply pay one low rate for your service and now anyone you give your access number to can call you directly at no additional cost.  That’s right! No additional cost, no matter where that person is in the world.


Here is an example, you live in the United States but you have family spread out in several countries. Your sister is currently living in Vietnam and you want her to be able to call you without having to spend a fortune in international call rates.   All you need to do is give her your unique Club Call number and ask her to call you while following some simple directions.  She calls your Club Call number and follows the message prompt, enters a pin number you supply her with and your connected!  It is that easy, and best of all your sister pays nothing for the international call.


For more information about Club Call or to sign up for service give us a call 760-399-2379